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employee on computer
Employee theft comes in all shapes and size, including on expense reports. Here are a few things to watch for.
faster reimbursements
Employees want to receive expense reimbursements in a timely fashion. What happens when you make them wait?
Relocation Expenses
How you reimburse relocation expenses can be a key part of recruiting and retaining new hires.
people talking at conference
Trade shows can be expensive, and that’s before employee reimbursements. Find tips to help manage employee expenses.
woman standing by car on smartphone
With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in effect, how will you reimburse employees for business miles and vehicle expenses?
woman looking at data on laptop
Every employee expense report tells a story, complete with actionable data. Automate your process to see inside the data.
Man at desk on smart phone
Expense management software can help you avoid getting buried by an avalanche of end-of-year expense reports.
Professionals on flight
How can you prevent fraudulent expense reports before they happen? Review policies, and give employees the tools they need.
Woman submitting expense report on phone
Expense reports can be tedious for employees, managers and accounting. Develop a strategy that can make expense reports easy for everyone.
improve your company expense management

Cutting costs, and improving the way you manage employee expenses, can feel like never-ending struggles. Part of the struggle has to do with the fact that doing business costs money.

There are expenses involved in making sales, attending tradeshows, and even leading your own conferences. And they come in a number of ways, including: