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How can you prevent fraudulent expense reports before they happen? Review policies, and give employees the tools they need.
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Expense reports can be tedious for employees, managers and accounting. Develop a strategy that can make expense reports easy for everyone.
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Cutting costs, and improving the way you manage employee expenses, can feel like never-ending struggles. Part of the struggle has to do with the fact that doing business costs money.

There are expenses involved in making sales, attending tradeshows, and even leading your own conferences. And they come in a number of ways, including:

reducing expense processing costs
How can you reduce the costs of managing and processing expenses? These five steps can help you reduce expense processing costs.
The administrative burden of expense management can be an exhausting chore, especially if spreadsheets, manual approval processes, and written policy documents are involved. A Web-based expense management system can reduce this burden.
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Expense management software can help sales teams and employees track and report expenses from the road quickly and easily.
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On average, the cost for a company to manually process a single expense report is $20.65. Imagine how quickly that can add up if you're reimbursement department is processing hundreds of expenses daily. Learn how to reduce those costs simply.
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Expense report software helps companies streamline expense management processes, gain better visibility into financial trends, and more easily manage policy compliance. Here's a closer look at what business leaders need to know about how this software can make an impact at their firm.
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Your ideal expense management process should be simple, device-agnostic, and should seamlessly flow from booking to your accounting system.
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GSA per diems are standard for business travel. Each city has a set per diem rate. Should your company follow the GSA or create per diems?