Negotiate Vendor and Supplier Rates From Any Device

Published October 06, 2015
negotiate vendors supplier rates


Every business loves a good customer. But not every company has a system in place to identify repeat customers who bring in regular business. This is where ExpenseWire, an online expense management software, can help.

ExpenseWire gives you full insight to your spending at all times. From your desktop — or via the mobile interface — you can see which employee is reporting expenses, how much, from where, and perhaps most importantly, with whom.

Using the customizable reports feature, you can run a report (or create an easy-to-read chart) that hones in on the expenses with your vendors and suppliers. You can “slice and dice” the information to view it any way you want, for example:

  • By vendor/supplier
  • By category
  • By timeframe

This information then empowers you to identify yourself as a good customer for that business. With this information in hand — either as a paper report or on your mobile device — you can visit your vendors and suppliers and negotiate improved rates.