Monitor Expenses By Season, Type, and Department

Published October 13, 2015
monitor expenses by season, type, and department

With the falling of the leaves, it’s easy to see that the seasons are changing. But the cool winds actually mean things are starting to heat up for some companies. For some companies, the seasonal holiday business is a critical part of their operating model. In fact, if you’re a retailer or run a catering service, the upcoming holiday season is your busiest time of the whole year.

Maybe in years past, you have noticed out-of-control spending during the holiday season. But during the hectic period, you couldn’t really get a grasp on: Which department has the most expenses? What types of expenses are taking the biggest bite out of my profits?

This year is your chance to better manage expenses during the crazy crunch of the holiday season.

ExpenseWire is an online expense management system. “Analytics” is one of the key features that can help you monitor company expenses — by season, type, and department.

By easily selecting “search criteria^” you can look at detailed spending information:

  • Which employee
  • Which department
  • What type of expenses

Depending on your preference, you can view the information as charts and graphs, or create a custom report. Detailed analytics helps you increase control, eliminate loopholes, improve spending behavior, and lower your overall expenses.

To learn more about online expense management, watch our free webinar.