Keep the Approvals Flowing

Published February 23, 2016
keep the approvals flowing

We don't have anything against email. But in many ways, sending an expense report as an attachment over email is just about as unproductive as walking over a hard copy version and dropping it on your manager's desk.

That's because the moment you send that report over, all visibility flies out the window. You have no idea if the manager even looked at it. You may be uncertain if he/she has questions and needs additional information on a line item. All the while the employee is wondering when a reimbursement will occur. With email and paper, the answer is you just don't know.

An online expense management system is a great way to streamline the review/approval process and keep the flow moving among all departments. In real time, accounting can check the status of the report to see if it's been reviewed. The automated system will continue to remind the manager that a report is waiting for his/her review. Additionally, the automated system will automatically forward the report to the next manager predetermined in the system.

With automated workflows, you can reduce cycle times. Employees will receive timely notifications if additional action is required on their part.

From a desktop or mobile interface, managers can review reports in detail including receipts and imported credit card transaction data. Online approval is as simple as one click.

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