Intelligent Reports You Should Learn To Leverage

Published December 10, 2015
intelligent reports to leverage

In the not too distant past, expense reports were paid, filed away, and promptly forgotten about. Every decade or so, their boxes would be sent off to the paper shredder.

With ExpenseWire, expense reports are treasure troves of information you can use, long after they are paid. For example, our online expense management system can help you run highly detailed reports on:

Your employees

  • Who is spending the most
  • What is the pattern of expense for each employee and across all employees; does it go up or down at certain times of year
  • Which company credit card transactions have not been assigned to an expense report
  • What are your employees spending on and how often

Your vendors

  • Who is expensed the most
  • What is the pattern of cost for each vendor and across all vendors; does it go up or down at certain times of year
  • Are vendor costs rising or holding steady
  • Does the volume of business done with that vendor accurately reflect the rate they're charging

To learn more about online expense management, watch our free webinar.