How Customized Expense Features Can Help Improve Your Business's Spending Habits

Published April 26, 2016
how customized expense features can help improve your business spending habits


To adapt to the ever-changing business environment, your company needs to arm itself with a robust administrative toolbox so its employees can be effective. This means your administrative tools need to be accessible, so your employees have the tools they need to maximize their productivity.

An example of one of these tools is an expense management system.

A comprehensive expense solution can help you define, configure, and update your expense management processes through a simple log-in portal that will allow your accounting administrators to adjust settings, spending policies, import and export data files, as well as customize expense report fields.

With these features, you can reduce data entry while capturing the required information that is necessary to gain insight into your business’ spending habits.

An automated expense system can integrate with:

  • Personal and corporate credit cards
  • Travel platform service providers
  • Accounting and payroll systems

It can also export CSV or XML files and your administrators have access to hundreds of configuration settings and custom fields. To learn more about customizable expense management features, click here.