Guide to Expense Report Software Pricing

Published July 08, 2015
expense report software pricing

Pricing can be just a sticky subject.  Expense report software can include a variety of ongoing and one time fees.  Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you know what you’re agreeing to with this helpful guide.

Setup fees:

The setup fees are the costs incurred to get the system configured and ready.  Depending on the expense management software that you choose, the setup fees can include costs for:

  • Implementation: Is an upfront fee to configure the system.  Typically, this fee covers the administrative task of setting up your instance and is non-reimbursable. 
  • Training: A fee to teach you how to use the system.  Training can be rolled into the implementation, or it can have its own cost associated with it.  Review what is included so that you understand how much assistance you’ll receive before, during, and after the implementation process. 
  • Configurations and Customizations: These are fees for configuring or customizing the system to your process.  This may include integrations with credit cards, travel services, fax service, accounts payable, GL codes, ERP, and payroll systems.
  • Consulting:  Typically sold in hourly increments or packages, consulting fees cover the costs of receiving professional advice.  For example, Training might teach you how to edit the expense policies, but consulting will guide you and help you set the policies up to meet your company’s needs. 

Usage Fees:

In addition to one-time setup fees, SaaS expense management systems have ongoing fees for access, maintenance, and support. 

  • License Fees: This is the recurring fee to acquire ongoing access to the system.  Usage fees can vary by:
    • Number of Users
    • Volume of transactions/reports
    • Number of faxed expense reports
  • Maintenance Fees: Ongoing cost to upkeep and or upgrade your system.
  • Support: The price for ongoing assistance after your system is implemented.

Questions to Ask the Expense Management Vendor:

  • What is included in the pricing?
  • What would cause this pricing to change?
  • What happens if I go over the limits set?
  • Are these fees ongoing or one time?

Be prepared to receive quotes on all ends of the spectrum.  Ask the vendor for firm quotes with detailed descriptions of the product and services offered.  For pricing on the ExpenseWire expense report software, please request a quote.