Expense Reports You Can Actually Work With

Published November 05, 2015
expense reports you can actually work with

Paper-based expense reports are brain dead. Sure, there's a whole bunch of information on the sheet. But at the end of the day, paper-based expense reports can't help you better manage your bottom line.

ExpenseWire is an online management system. Your employees create their expenses reports online, from any computer with an Internet connection or mobile phone.

Within an expense report, you can see the name and date of every:

  • Expense item description
  • Payment amount (including currency)
  • Payment type (cash, credit card)
  • Vendor
  • Receipt
  • Note from the employee
  • Violation on expense rules

The expense report clearly identifies the actions for you to take:

  • Edit expense report
  • Approve for payment
  • Delete this expense report

If your employee has violated an expense rule, a red flag appears on screen and you are unable to approve this item.

Let's say your employee entered $250 for a hotel stay, which exceeds the $115 maximum for a one-night hotel stay. After rejecting the report to the employee, he splits the hotel into two lines (and shows receipts) for a two-night stay. Receipts can be brought in several ways: email, scanned, faxed, or mobile; and you can import credit card data.

To learn more about online expense management, watch our free webinar.