Automate Your Expense Administration & Simplify Expense Reporting

Published March 22, 2016
automate expense administratin and simplify expense reporting

No company likes to think its employees commit fraud. However, a recent study performed by the Aberdeen Group revealed that a full 10 percent of employees claimed to pad their expense reports by $100 or more.

With an automated system, you can help ensure compliance to company spending policies as well as review prior expense reports so employees and/or their manager can see if the expense is a valid request.

A Web-based platform gives you the flexibility you need to set up expense policies no matter where your employees are located. The compliance feature allows you to:

  • Add, define, communicate, and enforce spending policy
  • Set expense spending limits (can define by expense type)
  • Show out-of-policy items to submitters
  • Notify users about out-of-policy spending
  • Define rules by department or user
  • Draw attention to policy violations
  • Adjust rules to help reduce excessive spending
  • Help ensure compliance with legal regulations

An integrated compliance feature helps reduce company costs, minimize employer-related risks, and reduce any administrative-related burdens, so your business can focus on what it does best and what&aposs best for the growth of the company.

Learn how to automate administration and simplify expense reporting, here.