3 Ways to Keep Your Finances in Check

Published December 17, 2015
3 ways to keep your finances in check


An “expense management system” may sound like something only big companies need. But our client base of small, medium, and large companies tells a different story.

Looking specifically at small entrepreneurships, the initial start-up of your company is the most expense-intensive. You’re spending money left and right on everything from office supplies to meeting with new clients. The amount of receipts piling up on your desk is dizzying.

Here are the top three ways ExpenseWire can help you get control of your spending today, and manage your finances as your company grows tomorrow.

1. Take control of your organization's expense reporting process.

ExpenseWire helps you ensure compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley and other legal requirements. It also gives you the flexibility to set expense reporting compliance rules and enforce your own spending policies. Spending limits and expense policies are built right into the system, so your employees will know immediately when an expense report falls outside company policy.

2. Measure what you spend.

By monitoring all aspects of your business, you can reduce excessive spending. Visibility into your company's spending is gained by reviewing comprehensive data, charts, graphs, and custom reports. Regardless of when a transaction occurred, what form of payment was used, or which supplier or vendor was selected, you'll get detailed analytics into your overall expense spending. Then, you can set rules in the expense manager to increase control, eliminate loopholes, improve spending behavior, and lower your overall expenses.

3. Record expenses on the go.

ExpenseWire’s mobile interface makes it easy to create reports, upload receipts, and review and approve expenses from the road. Simply take a picture of the receipt and upload it to attach to an expense report at a later time. Filter through your submitted, unsubmitted, and delegated reports to identify what actions need to be taken and where they are in the approval process. Quickly scroll through to review, approve, or deny submitted expenses.

To learn more about online expense management, watch our free webinar.