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Centralize Your Travel Expenses

Want to reduce your employee travel and entertainment costs? Discover how to improve your expense processes and gain complete visibility, here.

[Infographic] Increasing Workplace Productivity with an Effective Expense Reporting System

Automation is all about the elimination of manual processes. Get the facts on manual expenses and reimbursements and the benefits of automating the process.

Cheat the Cheaters — Automation Enforces Compliance

Don’t give your employees the ability to pad their expenses, instead automate your policies. Read more here.

End Penny-Wise-and-Pound-Foolish Audit Practices

Discover account auditing best practices, here.

Documentation Is Key for a Streamlined Approval Process

Learn how to reduce your expense processing costs, here.

Automate Your Policies to Increase Productivity

The benefits to having an automated system are reduction in errors, enhanced accessibility to information, enforced policy, and improved visibility. Learn more here.

The Financial Benefits of a Corporate Card Program

Get your company expenses in order and discover the financial benefits to issuing corporate cards, here.

How to Build an Accountable Plan

Discover all you need to know about what an accountable plan is and why your company should set one up, here.

Why Preapprovals Are Important

Without preapprovals in place, your traveling employees can select any airfare they want. Discover how preapprovals can save your company money and prevent excessive spending, here.

Top 10 Expense Management Practices

The goal of expense management is to make it easy, fast, and efficient for employees to report expenses. Discover the top 10 expense management practices here.

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