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The True Cost of Manual Expense Reports

On average, the cost for a company to manually process a single expense report is $20.65. Imagine how quickly that can add up if you’re reimbursement department is processing hundreds of expenses daily. Learn how to reduce those costs simply.

5 Benefits of Expense Report Software

Expense report software helps companies streamline expense management processes, gain better visibility into financial trends, and more easily manage policy compliance. Here's a closer look at what business leaders need to know about how this software can make an impact at their firm.

9 Features of an Ideal Expense Management Process

Your ideal expense management process should be simple, device-agnostic, and should seamlessly flow from booking to your accounting system.

Should You Follow GSA Per Diems or Create Your Own Maximum Expenses?

GSA per diems are standard for business travel. Each city has a set per diem rate. Should your company follow the GSA or create per diems?

What is Lowest Logical Fare & What Does It Mean for Employers?

Lowest logical fare is analyzed and used by companies to lower employee travel costs. Travel expenses are cut with expense tracking software.

Business Conferences: Is the Expense Worth It?

Should I send my employees to business conferences? How to maximize ROI and create positive revenue from business conference interactions.

How to Get Employees to Fill Out Expense Categories Correctly on Reports

Getting employees to fill out expense categories correctly on their expense reports is an issue for every business. Here are some tips on how to get it done right.

Implementing Travel Policies with Expense Management Software

Implementing travel policies can present difficulties for companies. Expense management software can professionalize and depersonalize the process.

6 Tips for Making Expense Management a Company Priority

Making expense management a priority for your company can be a difficult task for accounting. Here are 6 tips for getting management’s attention.

How Should My Business Manage Paper Receipts?

Does your business need to keep paper receipts? This article explores IRS rules for keeping records of expenses, and how businesses should respond.

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